Sunday, May 13, 2012

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint is web application platform. It was released in 2001.

Though popularly known as a content management and a document management system, it is infact a broad platform for common enterprise web requirements. SharePoint's multi-purpose design allows for management and provisioing of intranet portals, extranets, websites, document and file management, collaboration spaces, social tools, enterprise search, business intellligence, process integration, system integration, workflow automation, and core infrastructure for third-party solutions.

In short SharePoint is a massive platform for intimidatingly large scope and a steep learning curve. It is one of the most successful Microsoft product used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies.

Capabilites of SharePoint


SharePoint makes websites. It is a massive web site engine. A web site for you, for your tearm, for your company, based on locations.
You can be a contributor to the site. Unlike convenentional site SharePoint enables you to edit, contribute.


SharePoint makes it possible to work with other people. Working with a document in collaborartion with others.It helps you create Task lists, Calendars.


A place to put your contents. You can monitored and version the contents. It is possible to attach a workfow to the the content so that only approved contents can be viewed by the users.

Saving everything to SharePoint instead of into your machine so that a machine crash won't loose your contents.


Lets you search your stuff. Search engine built into it.
Search people in your organization.


SharePoint helps you to brings data together. Business intelligence.


SharePoints builds on top of itself. You can create custom applications on top of SharePoint.