Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silverlight DataBinding with Visual Studio 2010 IDE

Silverlight 4 in ActionI discussed Silverlight Databinding in the blog Silverlight 3 / WPF Databinding. There I tweaked the raw XAML for enabling DataBinding.

The Binding class is used to define a connection between a CLR Object and an User Interface Component. The three elements of binding are Source, Binding Mode and the Target. Source is the CLR Object and Target is the Dependency Property.

Visual Studio 2010 have support for Silverlight DataBinding in the IDE.

As in the previous example here too I am placing a Slider Control with Maximum 100 and a TextBox.

In the properties window there is an Advanced Option icon next the Text in the Text Property.

Clicking the icon another list will appear. Select Apply Data Binding.

First you can select the ElementName ie. slider1.

Then select the Path. In our case it is the Value.

This action will automtically generate the Binding Syntax.

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  1. Nice feature. Now I can stop bothering about Xaml tweaking.

  2. Blessy I find the need for Blend only when it comes to Animation