Saturday, April 23, 2022

ReactJS Part 7 .Net Core React Project

 Create-React-App is an excellent option for creating a new React application. Other options also exist. .Net React project can be considered if .Net Core Web API is the REST option for React. It handles a lot of plumbing issues for the developer. The routing is also configured.


In this blog I am going to handle the .Net CLI way of creating an .Net Core React application. My favorite editor is Visual Studio Code which comes with a good collection of useful extension. Any editor can be used.  The same is possible with Visual Studio also which I will handle on another blog. 

dotnet new react -o corereact

Inside the ClientApp folder is the ReactJS project.


 The .Net Core React Project comes packed with a few components. Notably the NavMenu.js comes with reacter-router.



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